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Susan Patricia was born in Los Angeles, California. The Artist divides her time between Southern California and the Hawaiian Islands.
She attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College where she received a degree in Technical Illustration. She than completed further education at the Otis Parson School of Design and at the University of Los Angeles in computer graphics, surface pattern design and photography.
Susan Patrica credits her parents for recognizing her artistic talent at an early age. They enrolled her in art classes when she was just starting kindergarten and first grade. She responded enthusiastically to the instruction, which, in combination with her natural talent, helped her move rapidly toward further education as an adult and her entrance into the world of internationally recognized artist.
Her work has been shown in major trade shows throughout the United States Europe and Asia. She has enjoyed success through special exhibitions of her work in prestigious galleries throughout the continental United States, Mexico, Hawaii, Guam and Japan.

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